Sullivan’s Sword cordially invite you to view online its traditional Plough Play, normally performed live in January in Southwell, in support of local charity Reach Learning Disability.

To view go to: https://youtu.be/hAHS5Asu0WI . Information about Reach is provided at the end of the show.

Donations made from the Reach home page between noon on 1st December and noon on 8th December will be DOUBLED (!) via a match funding scheme called The Big Give.

Our resident bard was so thrilled by the play that he has proffered this doggerel with a message of hope for 2021:

Our friends and families braved a year that winds up in a high risk tier

Thoughts of dancing are in limbo, both before and after Chrimbo!

The Farnsfield Players, sad to say, will not come in this Plough Sunday.

Perhaps we wait until next summer to enter in and play the mummer?

The ploughboys too must take a bow, then cease their dancing just for now.

Henceforth Tom Fool, a fool no more, will stay at home, obey the law.

The Sergeant proudly will not pause, recruiting nurses for the cause.

The Farmer’s Man is reconciled to till the soil and feed the child.

Now the Lady (bright and gay) helps run the foodbank every day.

Beelzebub with club and pan has rallied round his fellow man.

The Doctor has laid down his pills to fight against far greater ills.

The lively tunes for now must fade, one day with joy to be replayed.

To all our friends from far and wide (e.g. Mansfield), we miss you loads from deep inside.

We’ll meet again some sunny day and dance once more in bright array.

But wait – “Hold on!” – we hear you say, perhaps there is another way

To bring our actors to the fore and play the fool for you once more.

We’ve done a version via Zoom that you can see in your front room.

Whilst you may find it hardly funny, we’re only trying to raise some money

For Reach and colleagues warm applause, please support a worthy cause!

For one week and from you bubble your bequest will truly DOUBLE !


Sullivan’s Sword would like to wish you and your families a safe and happy festive period.